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Beyond The Eyelids - Riverside - Reality Dream Trilogy

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  • JoJolkree says:
    Sześciopłytowy zestaw Riverside w ekskluzywnym wydaniu. To piękne wydawnictwo zawiera oprócz pełnych płyt studyjnych sporą ilość bonusowych utworów: koncertowych oraz dostępnych wyłącznie na dawno wyprzedanych singlach.
  • Maular says:
    The main setlist contains most of the songs the band had been playing live since the release of Rapid Eye Movement (and also later, during the actual Reality Dream tour), representing all three albums more or less equally, although with a few surprising exceptions.
  • Akishicage says:
    5. REALITY DREAM III (live) 6. DANCE WITH THE SHADOW (live) 7. BEFORE (live) 8. THE PIECE REFLECTING THE MENTAL STATE OF ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF OUR BAND from "Reality Dream" DVD/live album () 8 from "Conceiving You" single ()CD5: RAPID EYE MOVEMENT Part One - Fearless 1. BEYOND THE EYELIDS 2. RAINBOW BOX 3. 02 PANIC ROOM 4.
  • Taukus says:
    Riverside except 02 Panic Room (remix) - Riverside / Magda and Robert Srzedniccy, Back To The River - Excerpt is taken from “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, music by Pink Floyd.
  • Shakagal says:
    A six cd box set collection containing Riverside's Reality Dream studio trilogy, Out Of Myself (), Second Life Syndrome () and Rapid Eye Movement (), plus the contemporaneous extras and live releases Voices In My Head (), Second Live Syndrome () and Rapid Eye Movement II (). Presented in a beautiful six panel digipak.
  • Shaktik says:
    Reality Dream III (Live) Dance With The Shadow (Live) Before (Live) The Piece Reflecting The Mental State Of One Of The Members Of Our Band: Rapid Eye Movement /5(44).
  • Vigal says:
    May 05,  · Absurdly, Riverside, although a great band, is a terrible role model, as it obviously is way beyond imitation. As a result the Polish Prog scene is now full of wannabe Riverside groups playing terrible, ear-hurting and brain-damaging Prog Metal; the price of success? But this set is full of great music, from start to finish/5(2).

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